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Dr Kat Marhfour - My Dentist Alderley

In my teenage years I was bullied at school for being ‘Bugs Bunny’; with large incisors and a bucky smile; I rarely smiled. The day I completed my dental treatment was the day a sense of confidence was breathed into me and a huge, invisible weight was lifted off my shoulders…. I know there are lots of people out there like me, young and old. Helping them smile again, is what motivates me every day. Nothing makes me happier than giving back to people the confidence that their dental condition had cost them.

Inspired to Help Others Smile Confidently

The simple, yet life-changing transformation that Kat experienced motivated her to enter the dental field. She loves helping patients through her work, whether it’s providing cosmetic dental care or getting a patient out of pain so they can eat and smile comfortably.

Education and Experience

Kat is an IAOMT member and SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) trained and certified. She is a Biological/Holistic dentist.

Kat is also a member of the Australian Sleep Association (ASA) and has extensive training in managing Sleep-disordered Breathing.

Kat graduated from Melbourne University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons). To stay abreast of the latest in dentistry, she regularly takes continuing education courses. She has taken the following:


CEREC advanced training


Laser dentistry


Veneer artistry (both composite and ceramic)

Holistic dentistry (through ACNEM)

Facial injectables

Kat also assists Dr. Khaled Shahin in operating Dental Courses International, a company that runs many courses annually for dentists in Australia. She also has been one of the principal organisers of the Australasian Holistic Dentistry Summit 2018.

Taking the Time to Listen and Care

Committed to giving every patient the best dental care possible, Kat genuinely wants them to leave her surgery happy, comfortable and cared for. “With each patient, I consciously listen to them and accommodate their concerns, wants and expectations.” She loves to get to know her patients and always wants the best for them.

Continuing the My Dentist Legacy

It makes Kat proud knowing that she is working in a practice with a history dating back to 1929. She finds it rewarding to work for a dental practice that has transformed thousands of smiles over the years. “What an honour to be part of a clinic that has served the community for that long, and has garnered the trust and loyalty of so many patients over the years.”

Kat also finds it gratifying to help give back to those in need. “We are working on having a charity arm or pro bono program in our practice, with the intention of giving patients in the community that are less able to access dental care, the chance to see us, and have the best dental treatment possible at no charge to them.”

Outside the Practice

When she’s not enhancing the smiles of our patients, Kat loves to travel, spend time with her family and children, cook, and learn about health and wellbeing.

If you have any dental phobias or fears, relax; you’re in capable hands. Kat can help you achieve the smile of your dreams in complete comfort. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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