Do Dental Veneers Hurt?

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Unlike other procedures in dentistry, doing dental veneers can be quite a comfortable experience because in the process of doing veneers, we’re largely just working on the enamel surface of the teeth or the external surface of the teeth, which typically isn’t sensitive. So the principle behind veneers is to ensure that we cut back the least amount of tooth structure to enhance the strength of the veneer. And that typically means that we don’t go deep enough inside of the teeth to be able to induce any pain.

We also do make the veneering process more comfortable by using local anesthetic during the appointment, as much as a patient requires to be able to undergo the procedure without any discomfort. At My Dentist, we actually have the added option of doing the veneer’s using nitrous oxide sedation, or happy gas sedation, which leaves patients feeling very comfortable during the procedure and really takes the edge off things as it has a bit of an analgesic or painkiller effect.

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We also have the other option of doing intravenous sedation or twilight sedation for any procedure that we do in the clinic. And that means the patient is fully asleep and their main senses of hearing, smell and taste, and the feeling of pressure are all alleviated or basically nullified during the IV sedation appointment. And a lot of the time patients wake up with no recollection of the procedure.

So overall, the actual procedure, the technique of doing veneers is quite a comfortable procedure. A lot of the time we can do it without local anesthetic, but if the patient wishes we’ll certainly use that. And we also have the added advantage at our practice of being able to use happy gas, as well as IV sedation to improve the comfort and make sure that our patients are happy throughout their veneering process.

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