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Before I delve into answering this question, the first step is always to come in to see one of our dentists, so we will be able to discuss what your concerns are, to really flesh out what your objectives are, and for us to also assess the foundation’s structures, the gums, the teeth, the bone, to make sure that they are healthy and sound, that we can go down the route of improving the cosmetics of a person’s teeth.

In terms of improving the look of your smile, there are a number of options, and it depends on the complexity of the problem. The simplest cases that we tend to face are patients that have discoloured teeth or are unhappy with the shade of their teeth. In this instance, if the teeth are nice and healthy, if they’re not malaligned, the patient is happy with the contour and shape of the teeth, teeth whitening is the best option. Within that category, we’d either discuss the At-Home teeth whitening versus the professional in-chair teeth whitening.

If on the other hand, the patient presents with a combination of issues, for example, they don’t like the shape of their teeth, they’re too long or too short, and they don’t like the shade of their teeth, then we would, again, talk about teeth whitening to improve the colour. But now we would discuss in a bit more length options such as the use of composite veneers or ceramic veneers to improve the anatomy and create the shape that the patient desires.

If it’s a lot of wear that’s happened to the teeth, we can discuss how we can do rehabilitation of their teeth to open up their bite, to make the teeth the right length. This is ideally done on patients that don’t have any significant malalignment of their teeth, their teeth are reasonably straight.

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Where it gets a little bit more complicated is where a patient presents with not being happy with the shape or the contour or the look of their teeth, plus there is a certain amount of crowding or malalignment of the teeth. In this instance, before we can actually focus on each tooth individually, we need to look at the whole smile. When we are doing that, we are usually considering orthodontics or Invisalign to improve the alignment of the teeth. Then once that’s completed, we can sit down and see how we can improve the shape and the colour of the teeth.

Now, there are patients that present to us that have missing teeth, whether it be one or many. In that instance, we would be talking along the lines of closing off gaps through potentially orthodontics or Invisalign, if they’re reasonably small gaps. If they are large tooth-sized gaps, then the option could be individual implants.

In the bigger cases where there’s a number of teeth missing and the remaining ones are not healthy, or alternatively, if a patient presents with dentures, then in that instance, we’d be talking along the lines of all-on-four where we’re basically almost starting from scratch. We’re building up their smile from the foundations up. That usually involves placing four implants in each arch, in each jaw, and then restoring that with teeth that are fixed in the mouth and look aesthetic and beautiful.

If you are not happy with your teeth, and are considering upgrading your smile, but not sure what are the options available to you, we would love to have a chat. We also have great payment plan options available to help you achieve your dream smile faster. Simply give us a call or complete the enquiry form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch to help you organise your consultation.


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