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What can dental veneers fix? As long as the patient has sufficient enamel for us to adhere the veneers to, they have good gum and bone health, and the teeth are not too misaligned or too crooked or crowded, we can do veneers to fix any aesthetic issue a patient may have. So when patients present to me, they often present to me with issues about the colour of their teeth.

So, some patients have tried teeth whitening. It hasn’t achieved the colour that they want. And so we can mask their natural tooth colour with a brighter veneer of their choice. There are patients that have had what’s called tetracycline staining. So, in the formative years of their teeth, they were exposed to tetracycline antibiotics, and this left them with grey and white striations on their teeth that are very resistant to teeth whitening. So they want to conceal that and we can do that through veneers.

There are also patients that have suffered trauma or falls. And what that can do is cause discolouration or what we call in theory, pulp canal obliteration within the teeth. And it just creates a discolouration within the teeth that needs to be masked, and we can do that with the veneers. There are patients who have had chips or previous fillings or some sort of restorative work that has meant they’ve lost a portion of their tooth structure. We can fix that with veneers, especially ceramic veneers to make the tooth whole and beautiful again.

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In terms of gaps, for patients with lots of gappy teeth that don’t want to go through the motion and the time, and the effort of orthodontics, veneers are a quicker fix for closing off some of those gaps. There are patients that don’t like the shape of their teeth. They want them squarer rounder, and we can certainly do that to cater to their needs.

So, whatever the aesthetic issue is for a patient, we can pretty much tackle it with veneers. The only, caveats to this are that they need to have good gum and bone support. They need to have sufficient enamel for us to be able to stick the veneers on, and the teeth can’t be too crooked or misaligned, because that often creates a limitation to how good the veneers will look in the end.


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