What Is the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

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The cost of teeth whitening really depends on the type of whitening the patient pursues. The most cost effective option with regards to teeth whitening is always the DIY over-the-counter type teeth whitening. The only advantage of these options is the fact that they are the most affordable. They are cheap. However, because of legal requirements and legal limits, they cannot exceed a certain percentage of peroxide, hence making them not as effective, not as potent, and less likely to produce a significant change to people’s teeth. These DIY agents may be useful for people that are heavy smokers, but for the majority of people, they usually don’t produce a discernible result with their teeth.

Here at My Dentist Brisbane, there are two options that we provide in our practice. Typically, these are for people that have tried all the DIY agents out there and haven’t had much luck.

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The first category is the At-Home Whitening where we make custom-fitted whitening trays, we provide you with a strong whitening agent, and the patient is required to wear the gel for one hour a day for about two to three weeks or slightly longer depending on the extent of the staining and the resistance of the staining. For example, people with tetracycline staining in their enamel.
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The second option is where you come in and we do an In-Chair Whitening procedure for you. Now, the most requested in-chair whitening procedure is the Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening. That is what we offer in our practice. Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening uses a very high strength peroxide and is also catalysed or activated using a special light. This produces beautiful results.

Over the last 14 years, we have seen amazing outcomes of the Zoom. It also simplifies the whole whitening process. So people who are less likely to be compliant with the daily wearing of the At-Home system can rely on this to see a good result fast.

Now, we can pair the In-Chair Whitening procedure together with the At-Home. And this is in instances where there’s a bit of resistance, where there’s a lot of colours that we need to work through, or if people really want to push the limits of how white their teeth can get.

In terms of pricing, the At-Home Whitening system is typically $295, the Zoom In-Chair alone with no At-Home to enhance the result or to maintain it is $495, and the combination of the At-Home together with the In-Chair, which is really our favourite option, is $695. We often run promotions for our teeth whitening. So please keep your eyes out for them. You will find them in the Special Offers section of our website.

If you are considering brightening your smile with professional teeth whitening, we would love to look after you. Simply give us a call or complete the enquiry form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch to help you organise your consultation.

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Wonderful people! Always caring and a great team to have a chat with. They go above and beyond in what they do.

Leah M


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