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  • 2 bitewing X-rays
  • OPG
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There are more reasons to get regular dental checkups than searching for cavities. This page will discuss why regular dental checkups and cleaning are important and the role they play in your overall health. You can also download our price list, to know more about our no gap new patient offer, as well as our flexible payment plan options for our services. If you like what you are reading, then make sure you call us on 07 3356 3636, or complete the enquiry form for your consultation.

Consistent Dental Health Checks

Dental Check-ups

Dental Check-ups In Alderley, Newmarket, My Dentist
When it comes to oral health, prevention is the best remedy and regular dental checkups are an important part of prevention. When you visit our experienced dental hygienists and dentists here at My Dentist in Alderley, Brisbane as a routine part of your oral care, you give us the chance to become familiar with your mouth and health background. This makes the process easier and helps the dentist find problems early on for easier intervention.

During a dental checkup, we will use special tools to look around your mouth for irregularities. Areas of tartar buildup might be discovered, which will lead to a cleaning that can prevent gum disease like periodontitis. A tiny cavity might be detected between teeth, leading to early intervention that could save you from a root canal or tooth replacement.

When dental problems are left untreated, they will turn into worse problems. For example, gum disease is commonly left untreated as many do not realise they have it. But it can lead to dental problems like bleeding gums and bad breath. As it progresses, it can cause loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. But what many don’t know is that the bacteria can spread and lead to internal inflammation far beyond your mouth. This health issue is related to many long-term illnesses.

When you come for your dental checkup, we will first take our time and listen to your concerns and then do the exam. During this time, don’t be shy about dental anxiety or other issues, because we want to help make your exam as comfortable as possible. And you can feel confident knowing we can use the exam for early intervention of the following:


Tooth decay

we can fill the cavity before the decay spreads to other teeth

Weak enamel

is often hereditary and can lead to more cavities than the average person, and if we find evidence of this, we can help with preventive measures

Gum disease

can be detected early and, in many cases, reversed

Fractured teeth

Sometimes teeth with old fillings becomes weak and lead to fractures and partial tooth loss, but early intervention may prevent this

Professional Dental Care

Dental Cleanings – Alderley in Brisbane

Dental cleanings are performed by our experienced dental hygienists and are an important step in preventing dental problems, while contributing to overall optimal oral health. This professional deep cleaning is commonly performed after a dental exam, and helps in the removal of hardened plaque called tartar. This type of plaque cannot be removed with normal brushing and is often difficult to detect. But our staff of dental professionals can remove it, and check for other issues too, like determining if you need a fluoride treatment.

Regular dental cleanings are often performed every 6 months, allowing the dentist or hygienist to recognise changes in your mouth. This also contributes to early intervention and may even provide early detection of health problems like oral cancer. During your dental checkup and cleaning, you can expect the following:

We will first evaluate your oral health and medical history
You will receive an intra assessment of the gums, and an extra oral assessment, which focuses on the head and neck
We will chart our findings, which can be used to detect changes or problems in the future
If needed, you will receive digital imaging, or x-rays
The dentist will discuss findings with you, and treatment options if necessary
The dental hygienist will clean and scale your teeth to remove tartar, plaque and stains
Dental Cleanings - Alderley, Newmarket, My Dentist

Nurturing Overall Well-being

Oral Health and Your Overall Health

Oral Health And Your Overall Health In Alderley, Newmarket, My Dentist
Oral health is an important part of overall health and wellbeing. Along with home practices like brushing and flossing, diet plays a role in our oral health, as well as medications and other lifestyle practices. We encourage you to use the dental checkup as a time to share concerns with us or ask for help. The following are some areas where we can help:
Dental anxiety
Diet for healthier teeth
Pain or discomfort in your jaw of mouth
Teeth grinding
Toothpaste and mouthwash recommendations
Cosmetic concerns such as teeth whitening or straightening
We offer a variety of treatments and plans to serve all of your oral health and dental needs, including:
Dental fillings
Crowns and bridges
Dental implants and All-on-4
Root canals
Teeth straightening

Relaxation Techniques

Dental Anxiety

Anxiety is the largest obstacle that stands in the way of regular dental examinations and checkups. We understand the complexities of this problem and are experienced in working with anxious patients. Dental anxiety may be due to past bad experiences, current pain or even self-consciousness. Our compassionate team here at My Dentist wants to make your appointment as easy as possible, so you can feel comfortable and confident visiting us for any dental issue.

In addition, we offer happy gas and sedation dentistry so even the most nervous patients can relax. Simply call us and let us know your situation and we will work with you to come up with a plan to help. And if money is your source of stress, we can help there, too.

A good practice and very clean, staff that make you feel at ease. A big thank you to Michel and the nurse, a great service Thank you.
A good practice and very clean, staff that make you feel at ease. A big thank you to Michel and the nurse, a great service Thank you.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Payment Plan Options

Optimum oral health with the right dental solutions should be available to everyone. If dental veneers are the right choice for you, we believe that money should not be part of your worries. That’s why we offer our patients zero-deposit, zero-interest payment plans to fit your budget. To learn more about our payment options, click here.

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Your Convenience, Our Goal

Payment Plans Options


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